Monday, October 29, 2007

AK Adventure-10/29/07

Hello to all who are still viewing the blog. We have finally figured out how to show off the rest of the pictures Pam took during our trek to Alaska. Our blog site is simply loaded to full to provide you with any further pictures on the site. Therefore, Kodak Gallery, or Ofoto, is the only feasible way we can figure out how to do this. If we do not have your e-mail address we will need it. Please send your address to in order to see more pictures. You should know by now if you are in my address book. If you are, you do not need to send your address.
We will be sending out an e-mail containing a couple of photo albums. You must register with a user name and password in order to view them. However, you only need to do this once. And, as our life progresses here in Alaska, we can use this site to supply you with pictures we gather along the way. Again, you will still only need to register once.
Look for an e-mail from us with photo albums in it. That's the one you'll need. In the future, when you see an album from us, you'll know what it is.
In the meantime, our life here is simply chaotic. We're still hanging out in the RV, but have begun the job search. What the job search reveals will dictate where we search for a permanent address. It will either be north of Anchorage, or in the city itself. This may work itself out in a few days, and we'll let you know. The moose are everywhere. In fact, Matt and Kim have a 2 year old daughter. A few days ago a bull moose found his way into their front yard. Matt came around the corner of the RV to see his baby daughter petting the moose on the nose......BIG PROBLEM! The moose, however, was very patient and cooperative, sensing the innocence of this child, thus allowing her to continue unthreatened. Matt and Kim have an icy, downhill driveway. Pam and I walked out of their house last night to find the car had slid down the ice, halfway down the hill. We still don't know what stopped it from sliding all the way across the street and into the neighbors house. Ah, and here's a good one. Pam and I both had to take the Alaska driver's test to secure our new driver's licenses. I passed the first time....Pam didn't. As I was taking my test I could hear her voice behind me say 'I failed?'. I knew right away I had something I could hang over her head. She had to take it again the next day, and she called me on the phone to say she had failed again. Me, being the smart and learned husband, elected not to tease her this time, for this could have spelled the end of me. What was once funny, is no longer. On the third day, she passed, and all of a sudden everything became funny again. Interesting how that works out. In all honesty, the questions were very much out of the ordinary, and most people fail the AK test before passing it. Especially those of us coming from the Lower 48. There was an unusual amount of questions on the test which dealt with drunk driving. This was likey by design. We did get some bad news today from Sahara's new Vet. For those of you who don't know, Sahara is the first of our two beloved dogs (but don't tell Sahara I just referred to her as a dog). As many of you know, she was recently diagnosed with diabetes, and has since gone completely blind. She has now been diagnosed with Cushion's Disease (a brain tumor). It originated in the pituitary gland, so it is not cancerous, as is the case with tumors that originate in the adrenal gland. Good news and bad news. It could have been worse, but her lifespan will still be significantly effected. I won't go into details about her prognosis.
Well, that's it for now. Look for more in your e-mail.
Bob and Pam Johnson


At November 14, 2007 at 4:07 PM , Blogger beth said...

Thanks so much for sharing the adventure! I was so happy for y'all but so sorry for me (and a few other "starbuckians") when we wouldn't have the pleasure of pam zipping through on her way to work. in fact, i've seen pics of AK starbucks so i know they're there! I've yet to go through all the pictures, but man oh man they're beautiful. pam you're quite handy with a camera! hope all is well with both of you, can't wait to hear more :)



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