Tuesday, October 16, 2007

AK Adventure-10/16/07

Here we go folks. It's 11am in Glenallen, Alaska and we're preparing for our final assault on Anchorage. We plugged in to the side of a building last night to get our electric for the evening. We even had an opportunity to shower and clean up this morning. A luxury we've had only two other times within our journey, and this counted our soak in the Liard Hot Springs. You can imagine how good it felt. However, the facility itself was less than luxurious. The building we plugged in to was an old showering and locker facility which was used during the pipeline installation in the 70's. It's a very long and narrow building, with narrow hallways leading to vacant office rooms, and men's and ladies locker rooms. The sign on the men's room said 'Men's Room, Please Do Not Change Signs'. So, at some point, someone changed the men's sign with the women's sign. Also, the women's room requires a key, which leads you to think of all kinds of bad things. It did make me feel better though, knowing Pam had some security while she cleaned up. This was a very unique, portable building, providing us with an equally unique experience. Pam discovered Cousin It in the ladies room. A huge black hairball glob of accumulated soapy and grimy festering stuff in the corner of the room. I wanted a picture of it, but Pam feels a mental image of our reader's would be more appropriate. When we get into Anchorage today we intend on dumping the trailer off at U-Haul, reducing the amount of boxes in the car to make it safe to drive, visibility-wise, shower off the car at a car wash, and proceed on to Matt and Kim Lowe's where we'll plan our next move. By the way, we have no idea what our next move is going to be. That's what is making this journey so strange. We just don't know what tomorrow is going to bring. Lends a certain amount of flair and discomfort with this whole thing. Yet, this is exactly what we had expected. Hopefully when we plug into an actual hard line internet connection, it will allow us to provide you with the photos everyone has been waiting for. You will get them.
More to come.
Again, we can't say this enough, we miss you all very, very much.
Bob and Pam


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