Monday, October 15, 2007

AK Adventure-10/15/07

We finally rolled over the Alaska state boarder last night, and we mean rolled over. The frost heaves from Haines Junction, Yukon and on were incredible maddening. You could not go faster than 30 mph. After crossing, we elected to continue on to Tok, Alaska where we spent the night in an RV camp. We had enough daylight left after we crossed, and no reason to stick around there. However, the roads were very icy and nighttime travel was difficult. Today we made it only to Glenallen where we are spending the last of our travel nights. Tomorrow we will make our final descent in the Anchorage bowl where we will decide what to do next. The first thing we need to do is dump this trailer. After that, we'll offload the car enough to drive it with good enough visibiliy, take the car to a car wash, for it is filthy, and then move on to see some friends of ours, AND FIND A PLACE TO WATCH A BASEBALL GAME. The trip is almost over, which is a bad thing. We'll actually have to grow up, find jobs, and find a home. One more thing we won't ever do again....back the RV up with a trailer on it, in the middle of the night, in a very tight space, on a snow covered country road, with no road lights, with a tired and frustrated driver behind the wheel (guess which one of us), after driving all day, with one dog that has to go pee, and another that has to play baseball, and another traveler asking why the driver is so frustrated. That we'll never do again.
When we get into Anchorage we are going to try to get on an actual internet line (instead of wireless attempts), in order to get the rest of the photos out on the blog site. Pam has done and extremely impressive job at taking most all of the pictures on this trip, but you didn't hear me say that. Hopefully we'll be able to supply you with another hundred or so photos that you will definately want to see.
More to come tomorrow, and thanks to everyone for following along. It's not over yet, but we hope you've enjoyed it to this point.
We miss our friends and family very, very much.
Bob and Pam


At October 15, 2007 at 6:51 PM , Blogger Tammy and Mike said...

Hey guys,
Tam and I were wondering what exactly frost heaves consist of...I never thought you two may have to buy portable gas tanks because of the problem with gas availability. Has it been a serious issue? I look at the mapquest map of the Yukon Territory, calculate the distance between two very small towns(not even towns!) and wonder if you can make it with the gas in the RV. Im guessing you milked a dead roadside Elk of bits visceral fat , boiled it and used it as fuel! Im very happy and relieved and thankful that Big Dick( the RV's name) has done its job and made it to Alaska..congrats and take "er home

At October 15, 2007 at 8:49 PM , Blogger Marv & Kathy Holleman said...

Hi guys! Wow, what an adventure you have had. We thank God that you have had a safe trip and we wish the best in finding jobs and a place to live! Even thought your travel is almost complete, I hope you continue to tell us you interesting stories. The highlight of my day is to log on to your blog and read what is new and see you beatiful pictures! Take care!


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